Chi Gong Movement Series

1. Grounding: Stand Tall but with knees at a slight bend. Bring awareness to your feet. Feel gravity and yourself attached to the Earth. Feel the bottoms of your feet. Make sure your feet are aligned under your hips. Check in on your breathing. 

2. Swinging Arms: Swing arms back and forth with a bend in your knees and space in your armpits. Letting your shoulders go, imagine that you are like an oik drill in Alberta moving back and forth

3. Side to Side: Turn very gently side to side and let your arms hit your sides remembering to move your hips. Arms swing past your front and flop on your opposite hip like a swing. Let the arms flop from one side to another. Remember to let a smile be on your face.

4. Crossover Shoulder Slap: With a big move in the hips, swing your arms all the way up and let your arms flap over yor shoulders. Give yourself a shoulder massage.

5. Ninja Warm-Up: With one arm in front and one arm in back and a little bounce in the knees, raise arms slightly and swing one arm in front and one arm in back simultaneously. Arms are raised with one in front and one in back and lowered on the twist. Raise and release.

6. Lumbar area massage: In the morning take hands to rub the lower back…….give your back a little pound and then rub again.

o© Peter Judson 2018